Explore Our Collection Of Beautiful Hand Poured Candles

Soy candles with cotton wicks release fewer amounts of soot than paraffin candles. They also often burn for longer periods of time, filling your home with fragrance. If they’re made from soy like our hand poured candles, they also offer a cleaner burn than paraffin.

These types of candles are therefore great for creating an ambience in your home. Being surrounded by candles can help reduce feelings of stress and boost your mood.

Hand poured candles are just one of the beautiful types of home accessories you’ll find at Min & Mich Ltd.

We have an irresistible range of sustainable handmade candles made using soy wax. Poured into a coconut shell, they make a wonderful gift for anyone who loves relaxing at home.

This range of Hand Poured Scented Coconut Shell Candles are only £16.50. Chemical free and plastic free with cotton wicks, these candles will look amazing in your bedroom or living room. They’re particularly ideal if you want to evoke a tropical aura in a space.

As this soy wax candle is in a coconut shell, the entire candle is environmentally friendly. Once the candle has been fully burnt, the coconut can even be used as a handy bowl.

Check out our latest hand poured scented candles today. Or don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.