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Dedicated to the mission of helping people to brighten up their living environments through vibrant and interesting handmade decor, Min & Mich is an online store with a difference. Presenting a curated range of unique and beautiful homeware that you won’t find on the high street, each piece is skilfully created by a talented artisan and acts as a genuine conversation starter.  

Min & Mich was founded by Rakshita Somaiya (Min) and Michele Edwards (Mich) in early 2021. The pair first met at Marks & Spencer, where they both had fast-paced roles in the chain store’s buying departments. Instantly realising that they shared a passion for sourcing high-quality products and merchandising them in eye-catching ways, a friendship formed that is now thirty years strong.

Over the years, Min and Mich weren’t simply work colleagues, as they also developed their skills side by side, travelled the world together, and played with the idea of starting their own business. It was only once the duo had left M&S that a Zoom call was set up to discuss their options. What began as an exchange of ideas swiftly transformed into the forming of a business plan, which included the sustainable properties of stainless steel when creating products for the home and garden. 

“Before we knew it, we were reaching out to various contacts, speaking to a buying agent to make sure the factory in India followed the right standards and audits, and nurturing a brand that reflects our passion for eco-friendly products,” says Min. “The website is now a celebration of fun, friendly and colourful homeware that our customers adore.”

Having learnt their trades at one of the UK’s most historic and popular stores, Min and Mich were no strangers to the in-depth processes involved in launching an ethical business:

“We’ve never cut corners,” says Mich. “The ethos of taking pride in ourselves and what we do had been drummed into us from a young age, so we immediately made sure that our business was built on solid foundations. Ethical sourcing, workers’ rights, quality of product and customer service were at the heart of Min & Mich from day one and always will be.”

Despite the challenges involved in setting up an e-commerce business, especially during a global pandemic, Min & Mich has proved a huge success and its owners continue to gradually expand their collections. Taking inspiration from the techniques and styles of Kashmir, the range includes hand-painted stainless steel kitchen storage and handcrafted hurricane lamps.

“Each piece is created and painted individually by hand,” says Min. “This means that no two pieces are exactly alike, which really does make them quite special.”

Working to their core values of friendship, family and fun, it’s no surprise that the Min & Mich store has been developed with the help of multiple loved ones. From close family members to LinkedIn contacts, a wide range of people provided invaluable support with crucial tasks such as research, graphic design and building a digital presence.

Mich says: “In the future we’ll look to introduce new shapes and products to our range, which will all be focused on natural, recycled and sustainable materials, preventing them from going to landfill.”

Min adds: “When you buy one of our products for your home, you’re supporting both a UK business and artisans in India whilst giving your surroundings an extra splash of colour. We’re a feel-good online store and it’s all about adding a little joy to our customers’ lives.”

For more information about Min & Mich contact us at info@minandmich.com, or use the form on our 'Contact Us' page.


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