London’s Best Cafes to “Work From Home” In

We can all use a change of scenery every now and then, especially if working from home. At times there can be barriers to productivity at home, whether that be talkative family members or that tempting bed, making a nap look so inviting. For some, finding a place to work outside the house is exactly what it takes to get that productive boost and hone in your focus. If you’re based in London, or even just visiting the city, and want to be productive whilst soaking up a different atmosphere, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite cafes around London to bring a laptop or notepad and get down to business. 


1. Burr & Co. - Bloomsbury 


Inside the Kimpton Fitzroy London Hotel just on Russell Square is Burr & Co., a charming cafe with delicious tea and coffee and an even more delicious interior. Formerly known as the Hotel Russell, the hotel was built in 1898 by renowned architect Charles Fitzroy Doll. The building is stunningly ornate, clad with decorative terracotta, and the inside of Burr & Co. mirrors this breathtaking architecture. This is the place to come for a tasty warm drink to sip on, plenty of tables to set up a laptop, super friendly staff, and easy yet upbeat disco that surprisingly encourages focus. Try to grab a window seat - you’ll get a lovely view of Russell Square while you’re working away - but no matter where you sit, the cafe’s decor is more than enough to blow you away and create your dream lux workspace. 

2. Riding House Cafe - Fitzrovia 


The Riding House Cafe’s atmosphere is perfect for picking you up when you need an energy boost; the restaurant’s setup creates a lively mood for the midday slump when napping is so tempting. Treat yourself to a lovely cup of tea or coffee, or a bite from their brunch menu, as you feel your focus re-sharpen and productivity kickstart. The spot has a variety of seating areas to suit whichever style space you’re aiming for: your classic round tables; a bar with a row of incredibly comfy upholstered stools; or a long, central table with outlets below to plug in a laptop. They also have a lovely outdoor seating area with plenty of tables if you want to get some fresh air. 


3. Cafe Rouge - multiple locations 


Cafe Rouge has locations across the UK, which means you’re never far away from an elegant French-inspired oasis to set up shop in. The indoor areas are spacious and bright; you may even feel as though you’re on a Parisian work holiday. Many locations have airy, well-designed outdoor spaces where you can comfortably connect to wifi whilst getting some sun. The terrace space often gives you a view of lively city streets as you’re sitting peacefully in your productive space. 


4. The Painted Hall Cafe - Greenwich 


The Painted Hall is a part of Greenwich’s Old Royal Naval College, known as “Britain’s Sistine Chapel” with its spectacular wall and ceiling decorations - which, by the way, took a whopping nineteen years to paint, by British artist Sir James Thornhill. You may have heard of the stunning Baroque hall, but never realised that just beneath it is a spacious cafe with high ceilings and historic pillars. You’ll never have trouble finding a spot to sit and spread out your work materials with the hall’s many tables. The gentle jazz over the loudspeakers is perfect for focus, and the building’s history will serve as brilliant inspiration to knock out your work sooner so you’ll have time afterward to explore.

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