Décor With A Story: Introducing Our New Collections

Sometimes the little things in life are what make it really special. Sometimes all it takes is a glance at something bright and lovely to make your day. What makes these things even lovelier is the story behind them.

At Min & Mich, we bring you home items that do exactly that. That’s why we’re so excited to have introduced three new collections lately, all with very special stories to tell.

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Coconut Bowl Candles

Think for a moment about different objects in your day-to-day life. Objects like, for example, glass bottles, newspapers, etc. They all have a purpose in the beginning of their life: to store soda, to print the news on. But have you ever wondered what happens to them once that purpose has been fulfilled?

Most of them, sadly, end up in landfill. But some, the lucky ones, go on to live a second life with a completely different function. Each time an item is re-used, it’s one step closer to reducing waste and preserving the environment.

We have partnered with Huski Home to bring you these very lucky coconut bowls, now serving the purpose of lighting up and warming your home in the form of a candle. The coconuts that once thrived on a tropical beach went on to be used to make coconut milk, shredded coconut. But afterwards, when the edible product was removed, their husks got a whole new life thanks to Huski.

These candles come in two scintillating scents that will fill any room with a calm, gentle fragrance. The best part? The re-using doesn’t end there. After the candle has burned out, you can use the clean husk as a bowl for yogurt, berries, stationery, or anything you can think of.

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Canvas Wall Art

Behind every art piece is an artist, and behind every artist is a story. What makes art so special is not the lines, not the shading, not the visual you see on the canvas. It is the essence and story behind the paint.

Our new Canvas Wall Art range is packed with personality and hand-painted with love and attention. They will bring more than a pop of colour to your home, but also a joyful presence, like that of a friend. They come in two ranges: a selection of four fruits, and four different-coloured hearts.

Our in-house artist, Simru Sonmez-Erbil, produced these ranges right here in London. Painting for her is more than just a craft; it is an expression of joy, passed down in her family, learned from her grandmother.

Of the fruits range, she says: “Something about fruit and veg, I can’t stop painting it. I really enjoy looking at the shadows, the light, the distinct colour and shape you’ll get from lovely produce. My gran calls them ‘nature’s candy.’” And of the hearts: “Colour has an incredible power to influence mood. And by paying attention to colour, even the most subtle glimpses of it in nature or architecture, you can open up your eyes to a beautiful world.”

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Vintage Sari Cushion Covers

The most special of our new ranges is our Vintage Sari Cushion Covers. The fabric of these elegant covers had quite the fulfilling life before they became cushion covers, and each pattern comes with its own special story. Sewn into every piece, seeped in each piece of fabric, is family love and tradition.

That’s because each of our cushion covers was made from a sari worn and loved by someone dear to us, and once they retired the sari, we used the stunningly-patterned, like-new fabric to serve as a unique decor piece and conversation starter.

To produce our cushions, we enlisted the help of Maya, an expert seamstress in Southgate. Her attention to detail and fine seamwork gives the cushions an extra special touch, adding to the essence of care and tradition in the cushions.

All three saris made into these cushion covers were worn by Min’s mum. She frequently wore them to family gatherings, satsang meetups with friends, and on travels to India. She even wore them around the house during lockdown while chatting with her friends. Having one of these cushions on your sofa is more than displaying the stunning textile; it is having a vibrant symbol of love and good memories. 

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