What Makes a Happy Home: Tips for Uplifting Interior Design

Hi there, it’s Simru from the Min & Mich team here to share with you the first instalment of our new blog. Follow for tips, inspiration, and everything to add more brightness and joy to your lifestyle! 

Home: it’s the place we come for rest, for peace, for time with loved ones, for hobbies (even for work nowadays, for some). They say it’s where the heart is, and that heart should be felt inside and out––whilst being productive, cherishing special moments, spending time with dear ones––and whilst taking a look around at what adorns the inside of your home. Read on for some ideas for the perfect interior design for a happy lifestyle.

1. Find your personal style

There’s no rule that says a home has to be *insert style of interior design here* in order for it to be aesthetically pleasing or, more importantly, joyful for you. It’s better to go with a style that speaks to you than a style that happens to be trending. Whilst picking out homeware, pay close attention to the feeling you get from it - it’s just as much about what your heart likes as what your eyes like.

Vintage Sari Tray

2. Choose meaningful decor

This one also plays into your personal style. We all have things that are near and dear to our hearts: places, memories, hobbies, people. Integrating those special things into decor is the difference between a house and a home. Put up photos of loved ones, display mementos from happy times, keep tools for your hobby handy. A personal favourite of mine is collecting postcards from places you’ve lived, visited, or simply have fond feelings for, and displaying them in a collage format. Looking at the beautiful imagery and remembering your special places as they hang on your wall is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Jaipur Set of 3 Canisters

Jaipur Set of 3 Canisters

3. Play with colours 

There’s no need to stay monotone! Colour is something that has a great effect on mood. Just imagine the difference between sitting in a drab yellow-coloured, poorly lit room and enjoying time in a bright, airy room that’s bursting with pops of lively blue, bubblegum pink, luscious green and more in its decor. Choose colours that will energise and inspire you for spaces where you want that kind of boost, and choose calm colours that will bring you peace for your relaxation spaces. 

Jaipur Jug - Candy Pink

4. Stay organised 

You must know the feeling - the times when you haven’t had time to clean up, when you walk into a room in shambles and immediately feel your brain follow suit. Making it easier to keep an organised space will do wonders for productivity, calmness, and general peace of mind. Look into storage solutions that will keep everything in your home neat and tidy, like baskets you can put loose items into when you’ve finished with them, drawers to keep belongings from getting dusty, and more.

Vintage Sari Shallow Bowl

5. Make space for socialisation 

One of the beautiful things about home is sharing it with special people. If you live with family members, enjoy having friends over, or both, it can make a huge difference to have spaces that are comfortable for hanging out. Designate a room or area as a social spot where you have comfy seating, group activities like games, or a table to share a meal around. The happy memories you’ll make at home are really what give it that warm, joyful feeling. 


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